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The best way to medical waste treatment

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Medical wastes in Xianning city will bid farewell to dispose of predicament, will be unified by institutions for centralized collection processing.The unified collection and treatment known as medical waste treatment the best way.

On April 22nd, the Xianning Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a joint meeting of the centralized disposal of medical waste, and 24 more than two medical institutions signed agreement of concentrated disposal of medical wastes.The signing of the agreement, marking the city medical waste from the collection, transport, storage to centralized disposal and supervision management is a set of standards and operational mode, also meant that I started the centralized disposal of medical waste in.

Reportedly, at the start of the centralized processing before, because the city did not focus on the medical waste disposal units, so the medical waste is produced by the medical waste units in the health administrative department under the supervision of discretion.But itself has some drawbacks, as a result of acute infectious medical waste, cross infection and latent infection of some characteristics of medical waste, is dangerous, therefore cannot be recycled, must be properly destroyed.

Medical waste centralized disposal of medical institutions, the city around the city, township hospital of medical waste generated by the unit classification collection after placed in temporary storage site, and will be regularly collected medical waste by the designated medical waste disposal units recycling disposal of medical waste disposal mechanism; every week to various medical waste recycling outlets concentration and recovery of one to two times of medical waste.Next, individual clinic, clinic and village health room scattered distribution of small medical unit will also be incorporated into the scope of centralized disposal of medical waste



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