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What tester, look who has the disease?

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What tester, look who has the disease?

"Want to know their own health? No ultrasound scan, NMR, blood tests or not according to X light, as long as the site of the sensor, can detect human health data."If someone playing with this slogan, invite you to free medical examination, you will heartbeat? Recently, the public she encountered such things.She said, to test everyone be measured with disease.

What is this? It really accurate? Recently, the reporter undertook investigating visitting.

A: the reporter visits -- a detection, find out more than 50 anomaly

In May 6th 9 when make, in Ms. leading, the reporters came to the Home Xu Tan Street located within a residential salon.Just enter the hall, they warm up and said: "this is quantum magnetic analyzer, it use, two minutes can produce results!" this tester such as 14 inch Laptop computer size, open view, left side is a piece of electronic screen, display test time; the right side are labeled for use, in addition to a 10 cm long metal rod."This instrument accuracy rate as high as 90% or more, you have what disease it can tell, don't have to go to the hospital! And now we are free for the customer physical!" said the shop assistant.

The reporter decides to try to open the computer, clerk, in a quantum tester software input reporter's name, age and other information.Then let the press hand held metal rods begin check-up.Sure enough, less than two minutes, including brain, kidney, gynecological and other 300 physical examination is complete.In the automatic generation of computer examination report, the reporter should have as many as 50 results are abnormal, but mostly moderate abnormality."I was only 27 years old, how can have mild cerebral arteriosclerosis?" the reporter is carried out before the regular physical examination, never detect similar problems.Clerk quickly explained: "do you often use the computer? Long time no cervical activity, insufficient blood supply to the brain, in the course of time leads to cerebral arteriosclerosis......"See reporters not to regard it as right, the clerk said:" in this physical examination people say the results approved.In fact, you do not have to worry about, in your case, I suggest you take our nutrition meal, drink two or three courses, must be improved!We now have activities......"

Originally, free testing aims to sell ah.

Two: market visit most health products stores have a similar instrument

On May 9th, quantum detector, reporter visited many health products stores and beauty salons, found that every health care products store and many beauty salons have one and high-tech quantum detector similar instruments.As long as people hold apparatus on a metal rod, one or two minutes later, instrument will be displayed on the health index detection.

Sports Road West, a health products stores, there are people doing detection.The instrument input is detected height, age and weight, instrument soon developed a group of data."You are in sub-health state, if taking the nutrition meal, will improve your health."Subsequently, the detailed nutrition meal composition, edible method and therapeutic effect of."You eat three or four courses of treatment, return to the test, and the test results are different, the effect will be greatly improved."The shopkeeper says.

The respondents consider whether to buy his health care products, the owner took a stack of data, "this is our membership information.The membership had skin, have a look again two days before the photos, color change for the better."The shopkeeper says, this member only have taken a course of treatment and health care products.It seems, after testing, many people will buy these health care products.

Three: manufacturers explain - results in abnormal does not represent have been sick

This tester is reliable? May 9th afternoon, the reporter contacted by phone on two quantum sub-health detection instrument manufacturer.According to the manufacturers responsible person, quantum detector is based on the development of Chinese medicine theory and.To be measured only by hand holding the sensor, the human body organs in the body emitter region acupoint and wrist pulse signal and blood signal (the emitted electromagnetic wave signal) will convert bioelectrical data, through the sensor to a computer database, and the normal value to be compared, in order to determine whether the normal body."The regular manufacturers of quantum sub health detecting instrument the accuracy rate as high as 80%, but inferior or imitation of the tester accuracy even 50% can not be reached."The responsible person said, although the quantum detection instrument for high accuracy rate, but does not represent physical anomaly is suffering from the disease, can only say that if we do not pay attention to rest, recuperation, the deterioration, suffering from the disease likely to be high."At present, our main customer base is a beauty salon and a small clinic, an instrument of 500 yuan.Anyway, as long as this instrument, health care products not anxious sells do not go out."The responsible person said.

Four: the experts explain - detector can not replace the doctor

Quantum detector can really replace the doctor check? The reporter consulted the city much home hospital doctors.Doctors have said, no instrument is to assist physicians in screening and treatment, can replace the doctor check apparatus is also not seen.

This tester is what instrument, whether medical equipment? The reporter consulted the Shanxi province food Drugs Surveillance Administrative Bureau Medical Devices Department staff, said the other, to see the product label can judge whether the instrument is a medical instrument.If it is a medical equipment, it is only an auxiliary medical examination and treatment, publicity, not exaggerated, not allowed to mention checking accuracy rate and cure rate.If no medical instrument product identification, and businesses have medical equipment by propaganda, this is not allowed.

Why would be keen to businesses by the detection instrument free of charge to the customer physical examination? Reporter Advisory Center Wang Yan director of mental health education in Shanxi Vocational Technical College.Wang Yan said, with the improvement of living standards, people have their own physical condition is also more and more concern, coupled with modern life pressure, to have happened had anxiety, businessmen seize the people the fear of illness and psychological anxiety, health product for people with mental comfort."To eliminate the psychological, it is best to a regular hospital to do a medical examination every year."Wang Yan said.


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