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County Hospital in debt problem analysis

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County Hospital in debt problem analysis:
The Yangtze River Daily today released the China 90% county-level hospitals have debt, average every hospital debt is now more than 26000000 yuan.

Emergence of county hospital debt situation is:
A talent team construction lagging.
Two - medical device configuration is insufficient
Three. The infrastructure construction and the level of medical technology and service capacity is relatively backward
Four. The confidence is not high phenomenon

Analysis of the causes are as follows: the government finance investment is insufficient, make the hospital welfare desalination.Funding for hospital expenditure proportion is low, not to the hospital for compensation of full specified amount; hospital to complete the government issued the command tasks, but also to ensure their own survival and development, it is difficult to avoid in operating profit.It is reported, according to China's health reform objectives, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of health plan in 3 years 36000000000 yuan of funds, focusing on support throughout the 2176 county hospital construction, so that each county at least 1 county-level hospitals basic to achieve the standardization level.


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