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Ben Xuchuan Medical University China provided free of charge to tip the telemedicine system

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Asahikawa Medical College Japan pledged to provide free tip remote medical system

Japan Hokkaido Asahikawa Asahikawa Medical College 23 with Chinese government signed an agreement to China, will be provided free of charge through the network video remote diagnosis tip telemedicine system.

In China, urban and rural difference leads to the medical service gap is a big problem, Chinese government in promoting the popularization of remote medical treatment.Asahikawa Medical University President Yoshida Akimin to attend the China Ministry of health held the signing ceremony said: "medical support without borders.The future will continue to help china."

The Japanese provided medical care system in Beijing and Shanghai, the system of the base hospital, the doctor can be respectively to the Shaanxi province county and Sichuan Province Dujiangyan city hospital patients for diagnosis and operation instructions.At the same time, the base hospital can also pass through the system the world's most sophisticated three-dimensional high-definition image and Asahikawa Medical University connections, and accept their help.


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