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Wuhu city to create smoke-free health agencies target responsibility book plan comprehensive smoking ban

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Wuhu Municipal Health Bureau and the city more than 30 medical institutions of Wuhu city signed "to create smoke-free health agencies target responsibility book" planning a total ban on smoking.

Reportedly, the city directly under the sign mechanism includes all medical and health units, as well as the region of Wuhu city county three level health bureau.According to the contents of the book, each unit needs to build perfect smoking control evaluation sign system of rewards and punishment; the area of domestic demand set apparent ban logo, indoor complete smoking ban in each department; tobacco control supervisor, to carry out various forms of tobacco control advocacy and education.At the same time, within the area of prohibiting the sale of tobacco products; to encourage and help employees quit smoking; master tobacco control knowledge, methods and skills, to discourage smokers to provide guidance.In addition, also in the corresponding sections with smoking and smoking cessation counseling telephone the doctor.

Wuhu Municipal Health Bureau relevant responsible person said, medical institutions are flow-intensive sites, tobacco control work shoulder heavy responsibilities.Wuhu medical institutions will further strengthen the system construction and supervision and inspection, the establishment of long-term mechanism, in order to "World No Tobacco Day" as an opportunity to build lawfully, smoking social environment.

Reportedly, the Wuhu Municipal Health Bureau has a smoke-free unit construction and the creation of a civilized units, end of year assessment and related judge review actor hook, a one-vote veto system.The smoking ban outstanding units and individuals, in reference to the relevant documents will be rewarded..


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