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Kunming vigorously promote the medical assistance "card"

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Kunming to abandon the traditional medical mode of operation, to promote the release of intelligent medical card to rescue object for instant settlement, so as to realize the "one card" "one-stop" medical rescue information management model.

Since the spring of this year, Kunming each county (city) the district departments and designated medical institutions "one-stop" medical assistance software installation is completed, cut to a time before going on the difficult crowd information data entry, data entry is completed around July 1st.According to the relevant sources, in 2011 December to end the traditional medical mode of operation, all take "card" "one-stop" medical rescue information management model.Make full use of the existing cyber source, software platform and the Department of civil affairs, designated medical institutions through the implementation of monitoring way, for assistance for the medical conduct real-time query, understanding of the use of funds and relief effect, strengthen the policy regulation function, standard operating procedure


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