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Beijing social security affairs: newborn Can Baohuimin

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The Beijing city human resources and Social Security Bureau yesterday issued "on urban residents' basic medical insurance related issues notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), starting from January 1st this year, Beijing insurance newborns from birth to enjoy medical insurance.

All the time since, urban residents in the neonate, born for insurance procedures used in the process of time, after severe birth medical expenses, costs associated with no incorporated in Medicare reimbursement for range, heavier burden on the condition of existence of parents.City People's Insurance Bureau relevant responsible person said, the policy to fill the birth to the insured to pay off period, the full realization of the "small" medical treatment enjoying seamless docking.

"Notice" clearly defined, consistent with the current insurance conditions in neonates, from birth to 90 days to obtain Beijing City non-agricultural household registration and payment standards a one-time payment of the basic medical insurance for urban residents of fee, from birth to enjoy basic medical insurance for urban residents to enjoy the treatment time to treatment, in December 31st of that year, continuous insurance payment can enjoy medical insurance.

This new deal since January 1, 2011 has been implemented, with the year 2011 insurance conditions insurance personnel, monthly or newborn from the date of birth to the insured to pay medical costs during dating claims, insurance personnel with medical bills to census register location by the social security manual claims.


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