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Medical science and technology achievements benefit the masses of mountains

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On August 10th, the Xuancheng City Department of Ophthalmology institute director Xu Jun (left two) for the Department of ophthalmology hospital staff "optical coherence tomography" diagnostic analysis.Anhui province Xuancheng City Department of Ophthalmology Xuancheng Ophthalmologic Hospital Research Institute is established in southern Anhui mountain first Department of ophthalmology disease clinical research, treatment, prevention and health care as one of the professional research and treatment center.In the mountains because of less developed economy, traffic inconvenience, medical conditions are poor, large mountain in senile cataract and other eye diseases patients often cannot get seasonable and effective treatment.Xuancheng City Department of Ophthalmology Institute set up to make a mountainous area eye disease treatment equipment and technological level has been greatly improved in patients with diseases of the eye, can also enjoy the modern medical science and technology achievements.

On August 10th, President of Xuancheng Ophthalmologic Hospital Zha dunchuan (left) the use of modern equipment for mountain masses in treatment of cataract operation.


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