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Most prone to health of crime by taking advantage of five links

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1 medical instrument purchase link.Medicines, medical equipment procurement kickbacks in behavior is in the "one on one" occurs, the specific process is relatively hidden, and the more difficult.The rebate is light and shade combination, "Ming buckle" payments to hospitals, for illicit set "small exchequer"; "the secret" to Yaoxie procurement plays a role in determining the relevant personnel, a doctor with the prescribed regularly with pharmaceutical representatives, clearing rebate.From the president, vice president, members of the committee to the pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmacy store, responsible person, and then to general clinicians and all personnel, has the potential to become the object of bribery.Mianchi County People's Hospital, a former dean, in the hospital purchasing Kodak digital radiographic machine (CR) and ancillary equipment in the process, from a Luoyang trading company business manager gives the benefits of cost 100000 yuan.Zhengzhou a university affiliated hospital pharmacy raw head, using "kickbacks" receive the benefits of cost 80000 yuan.

2 financial management link.The link of the duty crime, for corruption and embezzlement crime, as many small pen.Some charge using the charge of hospitalization expenses of patients convenience condition, adopt a variety of means to pay costs of embezzlement or misappropriation of patients; some medical staff collusion, to resort to deceit means, making false admission procedures, for medical bills, taking care of gold; some units is the "top" alone or together with accountant, cashier, administration expenses or income accounting or bookkeeping, embezzlement or misappropriation of public funds unit.Such as oilfield workers hospital inpatient department one original member fees, taking the advantage of work, deliberately switch computer manufacturing fault, the same content print in two bill, wherein a cross hospital financial department verification void, when there is the same amount of patients take time, another document again make financial write-off, the patients with take forcible possession of fee, 578 270000 yuan of corruption.

3 new rural cooperative medical system.It is also the central link of corruption, more performance for the staff to use "new" system management loopholes, alone or in collaboration with "new", to borrow the relevant documents for the patient, treatment cost, bed fee, or patients after discharge from hospital, the patient is still in the name of fictional writing medical records and prescriptions, medical cost of illness, illness, or to increase the dosage, repeat prescription, to defraud medicaid.Such as the Jiaxian area hospitals in the town of a former assistant dean (specifically responsible for the area of the town of rural cooperative medical work), taking advantage of his position, a town Anliang village medicine rural cooperative medical small claims money 110000 yuan, Liang Town Village large grants of 6516 yuan.

Construction of the 4 project link.Medical and health units responsible persons directly handling personnel in the hospital building, residential building construction and decoration works contract, the bidding process by taking advantage of his position, directly through the designated contractor or project decomposition, avoid invite public bidding, and bid rigging, contractors, contractors seek interest, bribes; or in the engineering settlement of in site; or with the contractors collude, using a false claim by means of embezzlement of public funds.Mianchi County Health Bureau, a former director of the post uses, alone or with his mistress, in people's Hospital of Mianchi County construction project bidding process of collecting bribes totalling more than 100 yuan.

5 medical and health supervision.Some of the administrative departments of public health, hospital executives, personnel recruitment, promotion and other work using his position to take bribes; some health administrative departments in the supervision and management of staff, link utilization of administrative examination and approval power corruption.Wu used as the Anyang city health bureau head of the personnel department and other convenient positions, recommend, help health personnel employment and flow process for personal interests, illegally accepts others' property totaling 500000 yuan.

Medical and health system of the causes of duty crime

1 understanding errors.From the situation, the majority of the staff's legal consciousness is poorer, the crime with the non-crime boundary unclear understanding.Some people mistakenly think in pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and medical health materials procurement activities, receive a rebate, commission, billing royalty fee is not a crime, but illegal behavior; some people think unit embezzled money out of profit or turnover in three five months, as long as the back is not a crime; and people think of accepting kickbacks once and punishment suffered relatively light, to not have a big impact.

2 medical system is not perfect.The current medical and health system or "medicine in one, in order to support drug treatment".The doctor to give medical treatment only provisions for extremely low registration fees, the hospital can not rely on treatment to survive and develop, rely on to sell drugs to earn a profit to maintain the operation of the hospital.The hospital diagnosis and selling medicine, hospital medicine purchase more expensive, more medicine hospital doctors, the more revenue.The pharmaceutical industry market competition is intense, and the market order is not standard, a dealer in order to expand sales, profit, often by any illegal means, the medical institutions and physicians are pr.In the high commission lured, some people are tempted, embark on the criminal road.

3 management system is not perfect.The town and township level hospitals without introducing pharmaceutical equipment procurement bidding system, hospitals in the procurement channels, breed, price, quantity and other aspects of the absolute autonomy, purchasing power is concentrated in a few hospitals in hands of the responsible persons, for duty crime room; not to enter the bidding drug only in the bidding agency office for the record can be self buy, hospitals have great autonomy, and new drugs are expensive, drug profits shortcut, so a large number of manufacturers will "new wine in the old bottle" drug, through public relations approach to hospital.

4 supervision.Medical unit led to most medical expert talent, long-term focus, in the management of the implementation of the "who's in charge who is responsible" principle, many plans and decisions are often "number one" said to calculate, lack of democratic supervision.Some important positions, such as purchasing drugs, medical equipment procurement and warehouse management staff of long-term rotation, to specific job to bring certain hidden trouble.The medical system of internal supervision and management system has not been established, or established but useless.Many departments such as drug, prices, industrial and commercial, discipline inspection and supervision, health, and society of physicians, drug bidding committee to participate in medical and health field supervision and management, lack of coordination, causing partial supervision supervision, a disconnection, bulls head.


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