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CPPCC members called to break the monopoly of large medical equipment repair services

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Large scale medical equipment purchase time cost is high, then continue to produce high repair costs is a "bottomless pit", has become a huge economic burden of some hospital.Shandong CPPCC Ding Xinfu in Shandong province NPC and CPPCC proposal, should break the large medical equipment manufacturers repair services technical monopoly.

According to Ding Xinfu introduced, in recent years, the hospital medical equipment is more and more widely used, especially for large high-end medical equipment gain ground ceaselessly, make every medical units must face the problem of medical equipment repair.Home about nearly 70% large-scale medical equipment from sales to after sale service are American, Germany, Japan, Holland, the monopoly of the Multi-National Corporation.Reflected in the technology and supplies Monopoly leads directly to market is not fully competitive, high price.In the pursuit of higher profits, manufacturers from providing repair parts to earn high post to become a major means of profit, after sale service providers have become medical equipment accessories distributors.

"Small fault repair, not only for" is the manufacturer of the customary means, manufacturers and technical personnel do not want to go to the heart of the fault point, would only by replacing the original by means of simple processing.The accessory price high, repair costs horrifying high, hospital to accept, but have to accept.

According to Shandong on a Heze hospital investigation, current medical equipment manufacturer customer service guarantee period is generally one year, after the repair is guaranteed, technology and single repair in 3 cases.Several manufacturers of equipment repair quotation as follows: the United States to produce 64 VCT, year full 380000 Yuan, and 150000 yuan a year, a single artificial fee 31000 yuan; the United States produces single row CT year full 300000 yuan, and 136000 yuan a year, a single artificial cost 11000 yuan......Because at present the country does not have a substantially uniform pricing standards, basically by the hospital and the manufacturers negotiations, finally the manufacturers say.

Ding Xinfu suggests, the relevant state departments should take measures, to large medical equipment manufacturers after sale service link carries on the strict supervision and management.To introduce the competition mechanism, strengthen domestic repair, research, training system, and gradually nurture third party home repair services, improve their own technical strength, in order to form the manufacturer effective balance of power, to eliminate the current manufacturers call superiority and monopoly.In addition, the country also should develop medical repair services generally uniform charging standards and accessories charging standards, and strengthen the supervision of public opinion.


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