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The eighteenth Hebei International Medical Equipment Fair opening

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The eighteenth Hebei International Medical Equipment Fair opening

The morning of March 15th, the 2012 session of the eighteenth Hebei (Shijiazhuang) International Medical Equipment Exhibition in Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center grand opening, the exhibition period of three days.The provincial Party committee, vice-governor Nie Chenxi attends and announced the opening, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Wang Yumei delivered the opening speech.

This exhibition by the provincial health department, the provincial trade promotion, Shijiazhuang city hall held together, a total of 326 standard booths, the exhibition area of 1 more than 10000 square meters.The show set trade negotiations, product display, promote academic exchanges and technical integration, display image, care, ultrasound, first aid, biochemical test, optical, treatment, rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment and medical software, vehicle and so on more than 1000 kinds of products.These exhibits a collection of domestic and international multidisciplinary, multi-category, multiple levels of achievement of new and high technology, many products represent today's medical equipment development advanced level.Exhibitions at home and abroad gathered more than 300 exhibitors, including the world's top 500 enterprises in the United States of America GE, Kodak company, Japan's Toshiba, and domestic well-known Beijing Wandong, MINDRAY Shenzhen companies over the years has been exhibiting continuous.

During the exhibition, the sponsor will also be held jointly with the relevant units of Chinese medicine and the maternal and child health equipment production enterprises BrandName referral and "oral medicine academic forum", "the new progress of electrocardiogram forum lecture" and other rich content of new products, new technology and academic exchange activities.

Reportedly, Hebei (Shijiazhuang) international medical equipment fair since its inception in 1996, has been successfully held seventeen sessions, the exhibition scale unceasingly expands, the rising level of various manufacturers, from the organizing committee invited participants, exhibitors enthusiastically participating to the development of requirements, in the domestic and foreign influence more and more.At present, the exhibition has become the home to enjoy a relatively high reputation of the professional brand exhibition.


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