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The deepening of medical and health system reform leading group office 13 days, as of the end of year 3, the national medical insurance for urban residents and farmers, to further expand the coverage of outpatient service as a whole, cover more than 80%, the country has more than 4.2 thousands of government grass-roots health institutions including the city community health service center and the township hospital implementation of essential drug system, is to go to the end increased nearly 20%.

According to the national development and Reform Commission, the state council vice director of health director of general office Sun Zhigang introduced, from the first quarter of the relevant province centralized supervision research situation, various places, each sector continue to advance reform, progress apparent: universal health care, construction effect is distinct, the basic drug system coverage expanded steadily, the pilot reform of public hospitals to explore deeper.

As of the end of 3, the basic coverage continue to consolidate and expand, the urban basic health insurance number over 440000000.There are a total of about 82.7% and 89.4% of the regions are respectively carried out medical insurance for urban residents and farmers, outpatient service as a whole, is generally carry out the target steadily.

The country has more than 4.2 thousands of government grass-roots health institutions including the city community health service center and township health hospital carries out the basic drug system, coverage rate of 82.6%, lower at the end of last year increased nearly 20 percentage points.Among them, Beijing, Anhui and other 16 provinces, municipality in the province within the open, 13 provinces, city to carry out the scope of more than 60%.

Experts think, the national system of essential drugs will be conducive to standardizing the drug purchase and use, lower drug prices artificially high, help to alleviate the expensive medical problems.

At present, most of the provinces in 2009 and 2010 the central investment support construction of county-level hospitals, community health service center city and township health center completion rate of over 50%, and the start of the 2011 primary health care institutions to general practitioner training base personnel training work.

In addition, 2011 year of basic public health service gradually and orderly.According to preliminary statistics, a total of 52854000 patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus are standardized management of chronic diseases.

In the pilot reforms in public hospitals, the country already Sino-foreign joint venture medical institution for examination and approval authority to the provincial administrative department of health, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan area allows healthcare providers in some provinces and cities set up wholly-owned hospitals, social capital to hold hospitals into country major clinical departments of construction projects to support range.

At the same time, Sun Zhigang said, at present, the reform has some outstanding difficulty and problem, main show is in each district progress is lopsided, the lag of the construction of new mechanism, new grassroots medical and health institutions and personnel system, distribution system and basic drugs provincial centralized procurement mechanism construction urgently needs to strengthen the.

He says, each district should be increased on the field of medicine and health investment to establish the mechanism of power, to seize the rare opportunity, accelerate push synchronization

Mechanism construction.To be graded push forward the reform of public hospitals, to focus on the comprehensive investigation and Study on the reform of county-level hospitals, focusing on in-depth analysis, form as soon as possible comprehensive reform program.


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