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Ceiling-mounted rail system-seperated

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Product Name: Ceiling-mounted rail system-seperated

Product Model: M802A


The ICU ceiling-mounted rail system applied in ICU ward becoming indispensable assistant equipment in ICU,It's composed of 3 parts:rail beam,dry parts and wet parts,The reasonable dry and wet  area separated structre is the specialty,dripping hanger and pump can be up-down moved smoothly of the wet area,both dry and wet configured with medical monitor platform,which can up-down adjusted,and the oxygen,air,negative pressure,strong and weak electricity outlets,network input terminal on the penant body.The hanging structure improves the house sapce,the removable and rotary parts apply pneumatic brake to avoid drifting,and a LED light is fixed on the rail beam middle for treatment lighting,other sides,we offer communication,monitoringmvideophone,background music,teaching and tele-medicine system for your optional selects.

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